February 4, 2022

What to Do When Your Workers Comp Claim is Denied

When you've experienced an injury while working, you know that it can massively impact the trajectory of your life. A physical injury can make it challenging to perform your daily responsibilities, drain your finances as you miss work, and slow down your ability to return to work promptly. For many workers, a work injury might mean being out of work for an indefinite time while you undergo surgeries, physical therapy, or rest until your mobility is restored. This can drastically alter your financial situation and even place you into debt with mounting medical bills and no income. For many workers, worker's compensation can help your finances recoup and allow you to recover in peace. However, if your worker's comp claim is denied, you might be wondering what went wrong and if you have any rights moving forward.

rejected claim

Talk to Your Lawyer When Your Workers Comp Claim is Denied

First, it's important to not immediately react when your workers' comp claim is denied. You may feel hopeless, angry, confused, and taken by surprise. You might want to directly call your job and yell at them, searching for someone to blame. You might even be tempted to call the insurance company and yell at them, too. However, it's essential to stay calm when your workers' comp claim is denied. Instead, reach out to your legal team for legal assistance. Shultz Legal can work with you to understand why your workers' comp claim was denied and help you pursue additional options to help you collect benefits. 

Understand Why Your Claim Might've Been Denied

Shultz Legal can work with you to help you understand why your claim might've been denied. Workers comp claims can all be rejected for various reasons, and you shouldn't consider it a final answer. For example, for some workers, you might've been denied because your paperwork was completed incorrectly. In other instances, an employer or the insurance company might need to pen out more time to investigate your workers' comp claim. Whatever the reason was, you still need to explore your available options with Shultz Legal. 

Work With Your Legal Team to Determine Your Next Step

Every worker's comp claim is different from the next. That's why it's crucial to work with your legal team to determine your next step after your workers' comp claim has been denied. Your legal team can determine if you have additional options to consider, why your claim was rejected, and how you can legally proceed with your best interest in mind. Contact Shultz Legal today to book a consultation regarding your workers' comp claim. 

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers’ Compensation Claim 

Shultz Legal is your experienced workers' compensation law office with convenient locations in Baltimore and Bowie, MD. We have the expertise to help ensure that you or a loved one can navigate the Workers Compensation claim process with confidence. Contact us today to help secure your rightful benefits and recoup financial losses from mounting medical bills. Give us a call at (410) 505-7627 or submit a request for a case consultation using our online contact form.