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~76% of Injured Workers
Go Unrepresented.Don’t be a statistic.

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Shultz Legal’s expert lawyers know the ins and outs of work injury cases. We will fight for you every step of the way — even for the right to medical treatment for the rest of your life. We make it our job to ensure your case doesn't end until you get what you are entitled to.

When Should I hire an attorney for workers comp?

You should contact a worker’s comp attorney as soon as possible after suffering a work related injury. Hiring an attorney will put you in the best position to get the benefits and help you need to manage your injury. Work injuries are often complicated and professional expertise is a must.

Do you need a lawyer to get a workers’ comp settlement?

When you submit a workers’ comp claim, you’re entitled to an attorney. The legal process for workers’ compensation claims can be complicated and an attorney can help you determine if you should file for Social Security Benefits and help you navigate situations where you are permanently kept from working.

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We’re a team of legal professionals who are dedicated to upholding your rights as it pertains to the law.


Let us ease your burden. We understand the laws and your rights and we work diligently to ensure you are compensated.


We represent victims of personal injury and auto accidents in the State of Maryland, including Police Officers and Union Workers.

What Our Clients are Saying

"Jason Shultz and his team worked hard for me to get the compensation I deserved. Thank you so much I will be recommending Jason Shultz to anyone who needs someone to fight for them."

Vanessa N.

"I have needed the services of Shultz Legal twice in the past 5 years. The team has been fantastic helping with my needs. Frequent updates and quick responses to my questions. I would recommend this firm to anyone."

Richard H.

"I give Mr. Shultz and his teem 10 stars. Great professional staff, always helpful and understanding. They specialize in workmans compensation cases. Heck, I received my compensation check in less then 2 - weeks after my hearing. I highly recommend Mr. Shultz and his wonderful staff for legal representation."

David T.

"Jason is one of the best worker comp lawyers around. He's compassionate and caring to all your concerns and needs. His motto is your struggle..Our fight which is an understatement. Awesome communication throughout the process. Very professional and down to earth. Highly recommended."

Tiona D.

"Couldn’t be happier with outcome of my case and the professionalism of Jason and his team. I would highly recommend Shultz Legal for anyone in need of their expertise."

Michael F.
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A work-related injury can be scary. Who is responsible? Can you work? Let Shultz Legal guide you.


Have you been involved in an auto or trucking accident? Contact Shultz Legal.


Your family may be entitled to compensation for losses. Let Shultz Legal represent you in your wrongful death claim.

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