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Truck accidents can be incredibly challenging to navigate. Transportation companies, often responsible for the actions of their drivers, are typically well-funded with considerable resources at their disposal. Moreover, these companies typically have powerful insurance companies in their corner.

When you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being a victim in a truck accident, it’s important to reach out to a truck accident lawyer who can guide you through the claims process and fight for your rights.

Hire a Maryland Truck Accident Lawyer

Suffering an injury that prevents you from living your life to the fullest can have significant consequences, both financially and emotionally. The inability to earn a living can lead to financial instability, mounting medical bills, and an uncertain future. When facing these challenges, it is crucial to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Maryland.

– Jason Shultz

Jason Shultz

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Maurice MartinMaurice Martin
15:11 20 May 24
Karen KingKaren King
15:35 16 May 24
Lindsey is the best. She ALWAYS returns calls and emails right away. Even on weekends. She keeps me informed and I am confident with all she does. Thank you Lindsey for giving me peace.
Carlene JonesCarlene Jones
15:08 09 May 24
Highly RecommendAwesome team to work with.
Danielle BDanielle B
17:14 01 May 24
So I’ve been dealing with this law firm since 2020 since my first accident and I can tell you one thing about this law firm they gonna make sure you get everything You deserve and everything you need‼️ mrs Lindsey has been on go for me since my first case so when i had my second accident and i felt like i was overwhelmed i picked up that phone while i was sitting in the doctors office crying because i couldn’t get in contact with my wc adjuster and as soon as I called her, she got in contact with them within 24 hours‼️ I received a call from the Worker’s Compensation adjuster the following day and I received my ankle brace like three days after that remind you i was in a boot for about 3-4 months and that whole time i was trying to reach out to the wc adjuster I was leaving messages. Never got a call back And I was so depressed ‼️ but when I tell you that day i called Mrs Lindsey she made my life so much easier I mean it. I’m not just saying it just because I’ve been dealing with this law firm 2020 ( let me take that back ) it is because i been dealing with them so sooo long 🙏🏽 and i have always gotten the best care with them‼️when I tell you this law firm is so amazing, I will always have them as I workers compensation lawyer ‼️💕🤞🏾
Laura RuizLaura Ruiz
20:59 30 Apr 24
Jeseka CulhaneJeseka Culhane
15:43 24 Mar 24
If you are looking for lawyer to explain your worker’s comp rights; listen to your story; give you advice and guidance; and maximize your settlement, Jason Schultz is not for you. I should have know better to stay with this lawyer, as clear communication was never his top priority.
Iris E. Walker -DPSCS-Iris E. Walker -DPSCS-
12:34 01 Mar 24
I can honestly say that my experience with Shultz legal team was extremely positive and very professional. I just want to say from the beginning to the end the staff was very pleasant.(Thank you Kristie) I highly recommend this team of attorneys.
14:25 13 Feb 24
Mr. Shultz and his legal team are amazing! I'm aware they have other specialties, but I recommend them for any type of Worker's Comp case that you have, any day of the week! I had the pleasure of dealing with Ms. Kristie, who made sure I was set up for appointments and had knowledge of the days and times, and that all paperwork was straight. After it was all said and done, it took all of one week for a decision to come back and a few days until I could come pickup my check. Shultz legal team made this process so easy for me and I am forever appreciative. This is the team for you, hands down!
00:13 14 Nov 23
Amazing group! The entire team at Schultz Legal really considers the client when taking on a case. I wasn’t very knowledgeable in the in the realm of Workers Comp at the beginning of my case, but Jason, Lindsey(who is an absolute rockstar), and the rest of the team really worked to ensure that I could understand the process and that I was kept up to date on everything it involved. They were professional, informative, attentive, and overall a very pleasant group to work with throughout the whole process. I’m lucky to have had Jason and his team as legal representation in this matter. I would highly recommend Schultz Legal to anyone who happens to find themselves in a situation involving WC.Thank you!
YGiB PodCastYGiB PodCast
17:58 12 Oct 23
Ashley ThompsonAshley Thompson
16:38 11 Oct 23
Everything was great the communication the service from letting me know everything that goes on with my case I was told great great great
Jaeron WadeJaeron Wade
22:54 02 Oct 23
Tevin WhittakerTevin Whittaker
18:13 02 Oct 23
Thank you to Mr. Jason and Ms. Krystie for y'all hard work. They got me paid on 2 cases within a year which is always good in my book. I'll reccomend anybody to this firm. I promise you Jason is a miracle worker. You will have your case closed with a happy ending guaranteed. 🙂
with a snapwith a snap
13:01 28 Sep 23
Absolutely the best. It's difficult enough to through something requiring legal service..but if you do the best. Care concern walk you through there for you and that is huge in your corner 5☆!!!
Gary WatsonGary Watson
20:41 09 Jul 23
Attorney Shultz and his entire team are great! They answered all of my Questions and concerns and are very knowledgeable. I have Used Shultz Legal numerous times and I refer them to my friends and relatives. They are great to work with and I give them a 5 star rating. Thank You So Much!07/09/23Again, I have needed your services for my workman comp case. Again, great professional service from Attorney Shultz and his amazing staff. I am quiet pleased with my out come. again, I give Shultz Legal a 5 star rating.
Nick HaynesNick Haynes
19:23 12 Jun 23
I called Schultz Legal regarding a worker's comp case. Jason was extremely helpful and guided me every step of the way. His assistant, Lindsey made sure that any concerns were addressed in a timely manner. Everyone was professional and I appreciate the hard work regarding my extenuating circumstances.Thank You!
Jameel HanksJameel Hanks
17:40 07 Jun 23
The experience with Shultz legal was ok I didn't no to much about their firm my case was transferred to him from partner Mallon. But far as what I experienced in the time dealing with them I say things moved a little slow but it worked out. Ok now I still believe for what it's worth I didn't get the fair share for my pain but I can deal with that because it has been so long in I have to keep working for my family it never was about a lawsuit in money but anyway I just want to thank Shultz and Mallon in all their assistants team members for playing their part in my life doing my difficult situations I am humbled.
Michael LyonMichael Lyon
14:36 17 Apr 23
They took care of everything from start to finish and I could focus on my recovery and getting back to work. They stayed in contact and updated on what the next step in the process. I would highly recommend Jason and his team.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Truck Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a truck accident lawyer is crucial for several key reasons.

Determining Fault

Determining fault in truck accidents is not as straightforward as it sounds. The Maryland legal system has unique and complicated fault laws that must be understood to properly place fault on a party. Without the guidance of a lawyer, fault can be incorrectly placed on you, resulting in limited compensation, if any.

Guiding You Through The Claims Process

There are strict deadlines, known as statutes of limitations, for filing personal injury claims. Missing these deadlines can result in the forfeiture of your right to seek compensation. A truck accident attorney ensures that your claim is filed within the required timeframe, protecting your legal rights.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

Insurance companies representing trucking companies can employ tactics to minimize payouts, requiring a skilled attorney to negotiate for a fair settlement. Moreover, the trucking industry is heavily regulated, and compliance with these regulations can play a significant role in accidents, making an attorney experienced in trucking laws invaluable.

Maximizing Settlement Payout

Lastly, strict deadlines for filing claims exist, and missing these can forfeit your right to compensation, emphasizing the need for an attorney to ensure proper legal action within the required timeframe.

Lawyers can thoroughly assess the extent of your damages, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage, and build a compelling case to support your claim. Additionally, they can navigate the complexities of insurance company negotiations, preventing you from accepting an insufficient settlement offer. Ultimately, a lawyer’s expertise can make a significant difference in securing the maximum settlement to help you recover and move forward after a traumatic truck accident.

Truck Accident

What Kind of Settlement Can I Expect From a Truck Accident in Maryland?

The average settlement for a truck accident in Maryland can vary significantly depending on the specifics of each case such as the severity of the injuries, the level of negligence, and other factors. However, I was able to find some figures that could provide a rough idea:

  • The average cost of a large truck crash is estimated to be $91,000, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration​1​.
  • In cases involving a disc injury, the average settlement was found to be $122,532, while the average median verdict in a head-on truck collision case was $532,034​2​.
  • Rear-end accidents with minor to moderate injuries in Maryland have seen damage awards ranging from $10,000 to $200,000​3​.
  • The average settlement value of a truck accident case involving a rear-end collision is estimated to be around $150,000 to $200,000​4​.
  • The average jury award in an 18-wheeler accident case in Maryland is a little over $500,000, but the median award is $90,000, indicating that a small number of high-value cases drive up the average​5​.

These figures depict a broad spectrum, and it’s important to consult with a legal professional to get a better understanding of the potential settlement in a specific case.

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