March 8, 2022

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim to Receive Death Benefits

Did a loved one die from a work-related injury and you’ve found yourself wondering what your options are? If so, you should know that death benefits are available to eligible family members. If your significant other or family member died while working due to their job responsibilities, it’s essential to be aware of death benefits in workers comp cases. In the state of Maryland, you’ll need to work with the highly experienced workers comp attorneys at Shultz Legal to get the financial assistance that you may be entitled to.

What Are Death Benefits?

It’s tragic when you lose a loved one due to a work-related injury. The unexpected death of your loved one, whom you may have been financially dependent upon, can be earth-shattering and heartbreaking. If you’ve thought about what financial avenues you may be entitled to, you should start looking into benefits under workers comp. Benefits under workers comp can serve as financial assistance for a loved one’s family who may have died due to a work-related injury while on the job. In the state of Maryland, the Workers Compensation Commission can determine if you are entitled to receive benefits.

Who is Eligible to Receive Them?

If you were entirely or partially dependent upon your loved one for financial assistance, you might be eligible to receive benefits. In many instances, a surviving spouse is entitled to death benefits if their spouse died due to a work-related injury while on-the-job. Eligibility for death benefits is often determined by the Workers Compensation Commission, which will base your financial benefits upon how financially dependent you were on your now-deceased spouse. In some instances, you may not be eligible for death benefits if your spouse died from an occupational disease and you were not dependent upon them before the occupational disease.

Do I Need an Attorney to Receive Death Benefits?

It’s essential to work with an experienced workers' compensation attorney if your spouse died due to a work-related injury while on-the-job. The legal team at Shultz Legal can work with you to file your worker's compensation claim for death benefits and ensure that all paperwork and documentation is adequate. Additionally, we can provide legal consultation for any questions you may have that may arise throughout this challenging time. Contact Shultz Legal today for a consultation.

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