November 3, 2021

Are Occupational Diseases Covered by Workers’ Comp?

If you were recently diagnosed with some form of an occupational disease, you might have found yourself wondering if workers’ comp covers occupational diseases. Occupational diseases are defined as illnesses directly contracted by your particular line of work or workplace environment. If you were recently diagnosed with an occupational disease directly caused by your line of work, it is within your legal right to file a workers’ comp claim. At Shultz Legal, our professional workers’ comp lawyers can provide you with our insight regarding workers’ comp claims and proving occupational diseases.

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The Limitations of Occupational Diseases and Workers’ Comp

In the state of Maryland, employees who are suffering from an occupational disease will have to reasonably prove without a doubt that their occupational disease is a direct result of their job or workplace environment. There are limitations when it comes to diseases and workers’ comp. For example, many common diseases may naturally be developed over the course of an individual’s life. When filing a workers’ comp claim, you’ll have to prove that your disease is due to your occupation and not a natural disease that occurred within your lifespan. This can be a complex process for many individuals. Shultz Legal can serve as your highly experienced legal representative to help guide you through your claim and case.

Common Occupational Diseases You May Develop 

There are common occupational diseases that workers may develop while on the job in Maryland. If you’re frequently exposed to hazards in your line of work, it’s essential to be aware of these hazards throughout your employment and to talk with your physician to keep an eye out for symptoms of extended exposure and occupational diseases. Common occupational diseases include cardiovascular disease, COPD, hearing loss, respiratory illnesses, blood-borne diseases, and more. Since some of these diseases can be considered a natural disease caused by poor diet or smoking, it’s imperative to work with an experienced workers’ comp attorney to assist with proving your occupational disease is directly caused by your line of work

Filing a Claim for Occupational Diseases

If you were diagnosed with an occupational disease, it’s vital that you file your workers’ comp claim promptly. You’ll need to be aware that there are time limits that apply to filing a workers’ comp claim in the state of Maryland. These time limits include filing either two years from the date of your disability occurring or within two years of discovering, or when you should have discovered, that your workplace environment caused your disease. Get in touch with Shultz Legal today to consult about your workers’ comp claim and occupational disease. 

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers’ Compensation Claim 

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