October 5, 2021

3 Common Workers’ Compensation Claims You Should Know

Shultz Legal understands that your work-related injuries can range in severity and require various levels of medical care or even time spent off of work to assist in your rehabilitation. Unfortunately, some clients may even face lifelong complications from their work-related injuries that require ongoing medical attention. Individuals facing lifelong complications from a work-related injury might even be prevented from returning to work and restoring their former quality of life. At Shultz Legal, we frequently handle worker's compensation claims to help workers reclaim their losses, whether they're minor or major. Here's what you should know about three common workers' compensation claims and how they can potentially compensate you for your work-related injury.

Workers Compensation Claims: Medical Care 

One of the most common workers' compensation claims is for medical care. Often, an individual that's injured on the job will want to be rightfully compensated for their work-related injury. By filing a workers compensation claim for medical care, the worker can potentially receive either a lump sum settlement or weekly benefits to compensate them for their medical bills. This claim is typically reserved for work-related injuries that are mild in nature with an employee that's able to perform their daily duties in the workplace without time off.

Medical Care with Time Off Work

For individuals who experience a work-related injury that requires time spent off work, a worker's compensation claim filed for medical care with time off work can potentially compensate you for medical bills and lost wages. This workers' compensation claim is typically reserved for individuals who cannot perform their work duties due to their work-related injury and have had to take time off of work due to their injury. While this claim covers costs associated with medical care and provides weekly benefits, the weekly benefits for being out of work are typically about ⅔ of a worker's average weekly pay. That's why it's essential to contact our highly experienced legal team to guide you through the workers' compensation claim process to advocate on your behalf.

Medical Care with Lifelong Disability 

Filing a worker's compensation claim for medical care with a lifelong disability can be an arduous, heart-wrenching process. Coming to terms with being permanently disabled and no longer able to work in any field can be an incredible loss for many individuals. Additionally, you may still be reeling over the loss of a limb, blindness, and other forms of medical disability that permanently altered the trajectory of your life. This worker's compensation claim can typically provide coverage for lifelong medical care and for no longer being able to be gainfully employed in any capacity. With Shultz Legal, we can help protect your rights to receive your rightful worker's compensation benefits or lump settlement to compensate you for your losses. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers Compensation Claim 

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