October 5, 2021

Getting Employed: Can I Get a New Job While On Maryland Workers’ Comp Benefits?

After suffering from a work-related injury, you might have found yourself considering a new career path or change of companies altogether. Often, workers who have been injured while on the job may seek out opportunities to switch into a line of work that carries a lower risk of work-related injuries. For some workers, they may even file a workers' compensation claim for medical care and ask for benefits to receive alternative employment training. At Shultz Legal, we can expertly navigate the workers' compensation claim process to help answer your questions and get you the rightful compensation you deserve. Here's what you should know about getting a new job while on Maryland workers' comp benefits.

You Can File a Claim for Maryland Workers' Comp Benefits with Alternative Employment Training

As part of your workers' compensation claim, you may file for alternative employment training to return to a new position within your company if you're unable to perform the duties of your previous position. This particular alternative employment training is typically reserved for employees who have experienced bodily harm that would make them physically incapable of performing the duties of their former position. 

The drawback to this scenario is that you may have to undergo extensive training and learn a new skill that you may not be familiar with. On the plus side, you can still receive your benefits, and it gives you a chance to stay with your current employer.

You Can Legally Change Jobs at Any Time

The state of Maryland is an "at-will" employer, which means that you can legally change jobs at any time while still receiving your weekly workers' comp benefits. However, you should be aware that this move can potentially alter the amount of money you may receive weekly. When you're considering an alternative career path, you should know that your benefits will not be reduced or canceled for seeking out a lesser-paying job. However, if you switch to a career path with a higher paying salary or the same wage as your previous position, you will no longer be eligible to receive workers' comp benefits. 

Can I Get a Part-Time Job in Addition to My Current Job?

Shultz Legal recommends that any individual who seeks out a secondary part-time job in addition to their current employment should be wary that their workers' comp benefits may be reduced or cease entirely with an increase in income. When you receive workers comp benefits in Maryland, you'll want to be incredibly careful when it comes to changing career paths or adding a secondary income to your household. You should seek our professional legal counsel to guide you through your workers' compensation claim to ensure that your benefits are protected. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers’ Compensation Claim 

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