February 3, 2022

PTSD and Workers Comp Claims

If you've experienced an injury while working on the job directly from your responsibilities, your injury is visible and documented by professionals. However, for some individuals, they might face emotional struggles related to their workplace employment that can serve as an invisible battle. These emotional struggles could ultimately end up manifesting as a formal diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD. While PTSD can scar an individual with lingering emotional trauma, it can also impact their ability to work daily. PTSD can alter your ability to carry out routine tasks regularly or even ensure gainful employment. If you weren't aware, you might be eligible to receive workers comp for PTSD symptoms related to your profession.

What is PTSD?

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, is a formal diagnosis described by the American Psychiatric Association as a psychiatric disorder that may be faced by individuals who have experienced or observed traumatic events. For many, these traumatic events can occur in natural disasters, terrorism, serious accidents, injuries, combat, death threats, and risks for violence or sexual violence. As a severe psychiatric disorder that can impact your quality of life, a diagnosis of PTSD may make it difficult to return to work. 

What Can Cause PTSD On the Job?

Even though PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that isn't visible to those around you, its psychiatric impact is well-documented through research. PTSD related to your employment may be caused by witnessing a fatality that's occurred on the job, experiencing a debilitating injury while working, or something incredibly traumatic occurring in your workplace. PTSD can be considered a work-related illness that may be eligible for workers comp benefits when something traumatic has happened in a workplace environment.

Workers Comp Claims and PTSD 

If you have PTSD and you're looking into filing a workers comp claim, it's essential to seek the representation of an experienced legal team. Shultz Legal can assist you with filing your workers' comp claim correctly, obtaining necessary documentation, and even informing you of your next steps in the workers' comp claim process. If you need a consult, get in touch with Shultz Legal today!

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers’ Compensation Claim 

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