January 5, 2022

Remote Workers: Can I File for Workers’ Compensation?

If you're an employee who is regularly teleworking due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic or a new hybrid work model, you should know that worker's compensation laws still cover you. This may seem like a surprise – after all, how can an employee be covered under workers' compensation laws in their own home? Well, there are common injuries that can occur while teleworking. These common injuries include neck, back, shoulder, wrist, and arm pain related to the nature of your job – like being confined to a desk for a set amount of hours. Here's what you should know about remote working and workers comp

Remote Working Accidents

Who doesn't enjoy working in the comfort of their own home? Working from home can help employees lounge in their pajamas while hosting Zoom meetings, put a load of dishes in the dishwasher, and have some serious time to focus on their workload without interruption from co-workers. Sounds like a dream, right? Despite all these cushy benefits and perks associated with remote working, telecommuters are still at risk for experiencing a remote accident or injury. While these claims are likely to be incredibly different from an on-site workplace accident, employees injured during their employment and due to the nature of their work are entitled to file a workers' compensation claim. 

Proving a Remote Working Accident

One of the most significant difficulties that an employee may face is proving that their injury or accident was caused by the nature of their work while working from home. Proving that an accident occurred from your job responsibilities while working remotely is critical to being approved for workers comp benefits. If you're looking to ensure that your claim runs as smoothly as possible, you'll need to take a few steps following your injury. First, it's imperative to report your injury to your employer as soon as it occurs. Additionally, you'll need to retain any documents related to your workplace injury from any medical visits that you may need. Lastly, you'll want to record everything that happened during your accident in case you need to contact Shultz Legal. 

Escalating Your Claim With a Legal Team

For some employees, it may be vital to escalate your claim with the assistance of a highly-experienced legal team. At Shultz Legal, we can perform a thorough consultation to determine whether you require additional legal assistance for your case. If you're considering escalating your claim to receive benefits for an injury that occurred due to the nature of your job responsibilities, get in touch with Shultz Legal today. 

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers’ Compensation Claim 

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