December 7, 2021

Workers Compensation and Arbitration: What You Should Know

If you've experienced a work-related injury while on the job and you've reported your accident to your employer, your next step is to seek out an experienced workers' compensation attorney and file a workers' compensation claim. The experienced legal team at Shultz Legal can advocate on behalf of your work-related injury and assist you in obtaining the necessary legal support you may need to proceed with a hearing, or in some cases, arbitration. Arbitration can often occur to avoid a court trial and is heard by individuals, rather than judges, to rule either for or against you. 

What is Arbitration in a Workers Compensation Case?

In a workers' compensation case, arbitration is sometimes offered as an alternative to proceeding with a court trial. Both parties may agree to arbitration rather than opting for a court trial and having to wait months for a final resolution. Your ruling panel will either consist of a retired judge, a lawyer, an organization that supports arbitration cases, or a panel provided by the American Arbitration Association. While it's not considered necessary to have an attorney at arbitration, it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney to help prepare for your case.

Can I Lose at Arbitration?

Yes, you can lose at arbitration. Losing at arbitration can impact your rights, regardless of whether arbitration is non-binding or binding arbitration. If you've lost at a non-binding arbitration case and decide to file an appeal, you'll spend more time without any workers' compensation benefits or a settlement to your name. This can potentially lead to more debt accumulating in your name. Additionally, if you've lost at arbitration and it's binding, you've forfeited any rights to a future hearing. That's why it's essential to work with a highly experienced attorney, even if you're headed to arbitration.

Can I File an Appeal Over Arbitration? 

If you've lost at a binding arbitration, you've forfeited any rights to an appeal. If you've lost during a non-binding arbitration, you can file an appeal and proceed with your attorney to escalate your case. If you choose to file an appeal over the ruling of your arbitration case, it may take even longer to receive the resolution and outcome that you're searching for, and you still risk losing your case in the future. Don't go without legal representation when you can contact Shultz Legal as your experienced attorney to represent your workers' compensation claim!

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers’ Compensation Claim 

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