August 27, 2021

Top Mistakes to Avoid That Could Jeopardize Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Shultz Legal was founded in 2017 and represents a broad range of clients who have suffered from injuries within the workplace or through auto accidents. When you're the victim of a workplace injury or an auto accident that occurred on the job, it's critical to file a worker's compensation claim and immediately seek legal representation. Shultz Legal can represent your worker's compensation claim to help recoup your rightful compensation for lost wages and mounting medical bills. However, there are a few mistakes to avoid during the claim process that could jeopardize your benefits being approved. By working with the Shultz Legal team, we can help you avoid these top mistakes when filing your worker's compensation claim. 

Mistake #1: Failing to Report Your Injury Could Jeopardize Your Workers Compensation Claim

In any instance where you're hurt on the job, it's critical to report your injury to your employer immediately. Upon reporting your injury to your employer, your company is then legally bound and required by Maryland law to submit a report to the Maryland Workers Compensation Commission (WCC) within ten days if the injury results in disability for more than three days or death. Additionally, your company must move forward with sending copies of their report to their insurance provider that covers their worker's compensation policy. However, despite being legally bound to send copies to the WCC, your employer may fail to do so. If you forgo notifying your employer of a workplace injury or a report isn't filed with the WCC, you may ultimately lose your rights to any worker's compensation benefits -- which is why it's vital to seek legal counsel. 

Mistake #2: Failure to Seek Medical Treatment or Follow a Treatment Plan

When filing a worker's compensation claim, the primary purpose of receiving benefits is to help injured workers pay for their medical treatments and retrieve lost wages. If you've been injured on the job, failing to seek out medical treatment or follow your doctor's treatment plan may put you at risk of having your worker's compensation claim denied. By appropriately seeking out medical treatment and following your treatment plan, the Workers Compensation Commission can see that you're actively being treated for your workplace injury by a medical specialist. 

Mistake #3: Thinking You Don't Need a Lawyer 

Securing an attorney for your worker's compensation claim can ensure that you have an advocate for your workplace injury. You might think that you don't need a lawyer throughout the workers' compensation process, but an experienced attorney can help navigate the Workers Compensation claim process and defend your right to receive benefits. By contacting Shultz Legal, we can assist you in the Workers Compensation claim process and advocate on your behalf. Contact us today for a consultation. 

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers Compensation Claim 

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