May 5, 2022

Most Common Construction Injuries on the Job

Working in construction is a backbreaking, laborious job that can test even the strongest individual's ability to persevere in harsh conditions. It's also a risky profession, too. As a construction worker, you're often exposed to extreme weather conditions, being on high ground at risk for falling, and potentially dangerous situations that can contribute to worker injury. The statistics don't lie, either. In 2019, OSHA listed construction as being responsible for 1 in 5 worker deaths in addition to 1,008 workers dying while on the job in 2021. For construction workers that do not pass away from their work-related injuries, they may face a grueling recovery that can lead to them seeking out workers' comp benefits and even a career change altogether. 

As a construction worker, you may face the following common construction injuries while on the job that may make you eligible for workers' comp. 

Common Construction Injury #1: Falls

Working in construction means spending a lot of time both on and off the ground. Unsurprisingly, this means that construction workers risk falling while they're working. Unfortunately, falls are all too common in the field of construction. Whether a worker has fallen from the roof of a building or fallen off of equipment, it's the leading cause of injury for construction workers. It's also one of the most painful injuries that can occur, especially if you fall from a few stories up and hit the ground. Recovery from this kind of injury can be lifelong or even result in a permanent disability. That's why it's essential to work with an experienced workers comp legal team to advocate on your behalf. 

Common Construction Injury #2: Struck By Car 

Dangerous white-out conditions in snowstorms, scorching heat in the summer with distracted drivers, unexpected spring rainstorms and the muck on the roads in the fall are all weather conditions that construction workers will face. Unfortunately, weather conditions and distracted drivers can lead to construction workers facing an increased risk of being struck by a car. According to the CDC, individuals who are most at-risk of being struck by a car are pedestrians, otherwise known as individuals walking along the road. As a construction worker working on highways and roads at all times of the day, the chances are high. 

Common Construction Injury #3: Machinery or Equipment Accidents

After a long shift spent managing machinery or working with equipment, you may have a work-related injury that resulted in amputation or bodily harm. When this occurs as a construction worker, it's vital to immediately contact an experienced workers comp attorney to start documenting your injuries and get your claim rolling. You may be entitled to receive workers comp benefits to help recoup your financial losses and being out of work. Contact Shultz Legal today!

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