April 11, 2022

Can I Get Workers Comp for a Workplace Injury Resulting in Amputation?

If you experienced a work-related workplace injury that resulted in the loss of a body part, you should know that you have rights to workers comp. Undergoing an amputation of a limb or even a finger can be a traumatic event for any employee who was clocked in and performing their essential duties. Since your workplace injury, you may have faced mounting medical bills, prosthetic costs, surgical procedures, and physical therapy or rehabilitation to restore mobility. Therefore, it's essential to seek out the legal guidance of Shultz Legal to advocate for your workers' comp. 

Where Might Amputation Occur on the Job?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, machinery is attributed to over 58% of work-related amputations in the year 2018 alone. This is a stark contrast compared to tools and equipment, which resulted in only 7% of amputations in 2018. In addition, one study revealed that up to 75% of surveyed amputees changed occupations following the loss of their limb while on the job. The most common careers in which amputation may occur on the job include laborers, operators, and fabricators. 

How Can I Protect Myself Following an Amputation from a Work Injury?

Following any amputation that occurred on the job, it's essential to file a workers comp claim right away. Additionally, you'll want to get in touch with Shultz Legal for legal guidance. Keep in mind that within the next few months, you'll want to maintain meticulous records related to your medical bills, loss of income, and anything else that's impacted your life since your work-related amputation. 

Do I Need an Attorney? 

Yes, you do. You'll need an attorney to advocate for your best interests following a work-related amputation. Whether you're seeking long-term or short-term workers comp, an experienced workers comp attorney can ensure that every step is seamless. If there is an error in the paperwork you've filed for your workers' comp injury, you may be denied and have to start the process again. Don't hesitate to contact Shultz Legal today for the workers' comp benefits you deserve.

Shultz Legal Can Represent Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

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